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Food Service Worker Responsibilities and Duties

Provide assistance to all employees and attendants to deliver food products to customers and ensure cleanliness of area after lunch.

Maintain efficient cleanliness of dining room and workstation.

Monitor, assembles and disinfect all equipments and wash all dishes and utensils.

Administer all issues and ensure resolution personally.

Assist all customers and ensure completion of all requirements.

Monitor all emergency work and identify customers to resolve all shortcomings.

Maintain friendly indoor ambience in restaurants and bars and ensure optimal health for all visitors.

Develop and maintain effective relationships with other groups and employees in an efficient manner.

Manage all communication with clients and staff effectively.

Assist employees and provide efficient leadership and ensure effective working of all processes.

Manage all work with assistance from team and provide backup to employees as per requirement.

Monitor and complete all assigned projects and enhance transmission of coverage to meet all operational needs.

Perform regular formalities to induct new employees into processes.

Participate in various educational activities to upgrade and improve personal career.

Maintain knowledge on current trends in job oriented programs through journals and other proper venues.

Analyze and recommend suggestions for various growth oriented programs to ensure better production.

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