Kitchen Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Implement control on quality along with consistency of every eatable item served.

Develop and adapt work schedule as per prevailing work pressure and occupancy.

Involve in ordering and receiving ingredients required in kitchen.

Implement departmental line-ups regularly as routine.

Control, maintain and manage kitchen inventory and food supplies.

Ensure all ingredients for preparing food are in right supply on time.

Support and facilitate control on food cost.

Convey clearly any maintenance of kitchen equipments and other security problems.

Prepare on time and tasty 3 meals everyday having items from approved menu.

Utilize service of direct preparation or supervision of some other cook helpers as required.

Develop and maintain professional relations with vendor.

Gather data, compile, review and submit essential reports.

Inspect and ensure best functioning of all kitchen equipment is as per given manufacturers instructions.

Supervision other cooks and helpers directly including to schedule and ensure adequate coverage of cooks for meal preparation.

Develop and supervise preparation of specialized menus’ for customer events.

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