Line Cook Responsibilities and Duties

Assist to gather all required supplies to prepare menu for services and assist to prepare all seafood and vegetable for all special functions.

Coordinate with various staff members to accompany appropriate garnishes for all assign stations and assist to serve menu according to required portion and presentations.

Ensure efficient use of all preparation equipments according to manufacturer instructions and maintain safety in all food handling processes.

Manage all soil food preparation utensils and return to appropriate area and store all leftovers efficiently and inform executive chef of all expected shortages.

Maintain all storage areas and ensure neat and clean area at all times and perform all cleaning services at end of shift and complete all cleaning duties as per weekly schedule.

Maintain safe condition in kitchen and ensure adherence to guidelines and maintain personal cleanliness at all times and interpret all guidelines of Cliffs Associate Handbook.

Prepare all food items for all meals for restaurant and catering functions and ensure adherence to safety guidelines and manage all food cost and ensure optimal quality for same.

Maintain quality of all issues for kitchen and restaurant at all times.

Maintain inventory of all food and beverage items and place order as per requirement and prepare reports for same.

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