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Restaurant General Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Provide training to all restaurant managers and employees and supervise all restaurant procedures and ensure compliance to all salad standards.

Perform regular inspection of restaurant facilities and maintain all safety procedures and evaluate all everyday reports and financial statements and prepare all required reports.

Manage all communication with general managers and employees and provide required feedback to all employees and assist to increase restaurant sales.

Prepare various cost categories and maintain budget for all restaurant processes and ensure adherence to company guidelines and assist team member to perform all required appraisals and provide training to all team members and assist in certification process.

Maintain neat and clean restaurant at all times and ensure compliance to all foodservice guideline and perform work according to local and federal laws of employment and maintain corrective actions to maintain safety for all employees.

Evaluate all payroll for employees and maintain records of all processes according to timeframe and participate in all safety meetings of restaurant employees and maintain knowledge on all staff procedures and prepare regular reports for administrative processes.

Monitor all staff levels and make adjustments as per requirement and mange all controllable expenses for all restaurants.

Mange inventory of all food and supplies and maintain sufficient quantity of same at all times and perform regular interviews and hire appropriate training members for all restaurant processes.

Evaluate all employee performance and organize various counseling sessions to ensure satisfaction of all employees and implement new hourly employees and ensure minimum turnover.

Ensure compliance to all operating standards and supervise working of all shift and assistant managers and perform various preventative maintenance procedures on all equipments and facilities.

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