Restaurant Greeter Responsibilities and Duties

Assist and greet all guests and provide menus to all guests and prepare reports for all work and ensure compliance to timeframe.

Schedule all dining reservation and make arrangements for various special services and diners and assist to ensure accuracy on all reservations and date.

Assist to introduce server to guests and maintain efficiency of all restaurant activities and ensure customer satisfaction.

Perform regular inspection of all dining room services and maintain cleanliness of facility and ensure appropriate supply to all tables and monitor and ensure response to all special requests of guests.

Prepare and maintain all menu folders and assist to insert appropriate leaflets in same.

Monitor inventory of all supplies and assist to prepare all purchase order and maintain floor plan and ensure approval from manager.

Manage and receive all restaurant checks from waiters and process all payments and ensure compliance to establish service guidelines and maintain regular interaction with all guests.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all guests and manage all requests and inform guest of any menu specials.

Assist manager to perform all duties and provide assistance to all guests on cuisine style.

Administer and collect all payment from customers and maintain knowledge on all daily specials.

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