Food Runner Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor and work on different types of issues as part of team through efficient communication and ensure flawless service and quality assurance.

Perform regular cleaning and remove dust from glass surface and silver plates before usage for food.

Ensure cleanliness of workstations throughout day and clean area before departure.

Maintain all food and beverages and ensure compliance to all safety practices and regulations.

Prepare reports for accidents and injuries and supervise efficient completion of training process.

Determine and upgrade standards of quality and provide customer service according to code of conduct.

Coordinate with food servers and ensure adequate supply of food from pantry to customers.

Assist team and provide effective training to company and ensure better outcome.

Participate in all meetings and trainings programs and maintain all confidential data.

Collaborate with authority to start work on time and maintain proper dress code to attend offices.

Provide backup to guests by offering food and beverage products.

Administer and deliver required data to guests if necessary.

Determine table of content and evaluate same prior to introduction to course students.

Review side station to determine preparation of work and projects for each shift.

Participate in various conferences and training programs to assist growth and upgradation.

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