Wait staff Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare table for new customer, change table cloth and ensure clean utensils and napkins.

Greet all customers coming to restaurants and present menu to customers and administer orders for all.

Maintain knowledge on available items on menu and side dishes and ensure optimal level of services to customers.

Assist customers to select appropriate side dishes and drinks and communicate any special requirement of staff to kitchen.

Ensure appropriate record of all customer order to ensure no discrepancies in billing.

Provide assistance to customers and ensure optimal level of satisfaction in restaurant.

Provide assistance to supervisor and administer all cleaning job of restaurant.

Develop and maintain friendly relationship with regular patrons of restaurant.

Manage customer queries and ensure appropriate resolution of all customer queries.

Coordinate with kitchen staff and customers and ensure timely delivery of all services.

Establish and maintain a complete course of order to customers including salad, drinks and main course.

Assist customers to select extra replenishment after meal.

Perform all basic activities in restaurant such as tossing salads and dicing dessert and making coffee.

Manage customers after meal and assist in arranging table and dining counter.

Ensure compliance to carpet cleaning schedule.

Monitor everyday activities and perform vacuum and cleaning services on an everyday basis.

Establish a dress code to work in kitchen and dining area and ensure compliance to same.

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