Waiter Responsibilities and Duties

Greet all guests pleasantly and escort guests to table.

Assist customers with menu brochure and wine list and respond all queries and recommend choices.

Monitor all order for drink and food and assist in timely delivery.

Administer work and provide priority to ladies and serve drinks and food in appropriate utensils.

Monitor all items and ensure timely submission to kitchen staff and evaluate billing for same.

Provide optimal level of customer services and monitor appropriate etiquettes.

Assist cooks to prepare and prioritize order for customers.

Administer individual order and serve it appropriately.

Monitor food from kitchen to table and provide optimal service to customers.

Provide optimal level of attention to all guests in all its course.

Ensure refilling of all water glasses and coffee cups and assists in any additional orders.

Assist guests with appropriate check and ensure absence of any discrepancies.

Maintain and ensure optimal level of customer services.

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