Food Services Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Administer efficient working of kitchen staff and design appropriate plans to ensure effective operations.

Monitor inventory of all food and drinks and ensure safety.

Manage and ensure safekeeping of meals and other utensils in proper way.

Assist and supervise facility to ensure safety, sanitation and perform technical upgrade to all programs.

Maintain and develop efficient professional relationships with associates and guests.

Ensure compliance to company’s core value based rules and regulations.

Develop plans and ensure better coordination with staff and ensure efficient control on dining room and maintain inventory for safekeeping of food.

Determine Nutritional Programs and design calorie and fat content charts for all prepared dishes.

Design plans in coordination with purchase and finance personnel and prepare budget and maintain quality of all products.

Maintain an inventory of file on food and devices.

Prepare menus and maintain balance of quantity and quality of food packages.

Prepare and ensure timely submission of reports as per requirements.

Assist departmental staff and maintain sanitation systems and select appropriate candidates.

Prepare and perform various performance appraisals.

Monitor all hospitability administration program and prepare an outlet for customer products.

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