Fundraising Director Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Plan and coordinate activities to conduct fundraising event.

Identify and develop funding sources and sponsorships for events.

Develop fundraising plan and strategies to achieve desired goals.

Oversee event activities to stay within deadlines and budget.

Work with volunteers to identify and cultivate new donors.

Maintain strong relationship with existing and new donors.

Contact potential donors and discuss about donation interests.

Coordinate with volunteers to identify fundraising regions and event spaces.

Develop fundraising reports and supervise preparation of invitations and thank you letters.

Use interactive media including Websites and Facebook to increase donations.

Contact and get financial support from corporations, government sources and foundations.

Motivate volunteers to achieve or exceed fundraising goals.

Hire and train volunteers in assigned job duties.

Assist in budget preparation and expense management activities.

Develop cost-effective solutions for event planning.

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