Game Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Work with Architects and Engineers to design and develop interactive games.

Make enhancements to existing games to improve gaming experience.

Develop game proposals and concepts for new game applications.

Identify story, aesthetic, mechanics, meta-structure and pacing for assigned game projects.

Develop functional and technical design documents for projects.

Coordinate with Project Manager in preparing game development plan and budget, and schedules.

Develop innovative ideas and recommend new technologies to develop game applications.

Oversee the implementation of game within the deadlines.

Ensure that developed game meet quality standards.

Develop game content, flow, scenario, graphics, dialogues, audio and other technical and functional components.

Test new games for correctness and accuracy.

Identify any discrepancies or problems and fix them promptly.

Maintain complete game design documentations for future reference purposes.

Work in compliance with company policies and regulations.

Maintain confidentiality in game product information.

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