Government Affairs Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and maintain effective relationships with all federal and government officials.

Coordinate with various departments and colleagues and provide inputs to various local and state officials.

Prepare various government strategies on assign region and maintain good relations with various city officials.

Provide operational support to all legislative processes and ensure compliance to public policies and objectives.

Participate and plan various community programs and assist to implement all strategies effective according to company business.

Develop relationships with various public officials and implement all public policies to achieve all objectives.

Perform research and analyze various regulations at federal and state levels in an organization.

Prepare summaries and analyze various legislations and materials obtain from elevated officials and regulatory members.

Maintain and monitor support by lobbyists at all state levels.

Perform research on various legal issues and document all researches to edit all government affair communications and participate in legislative committee meetings.

Participate in various trade associations and evaluate all state legislative regulations in required state.

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