Immigration Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor efficient working of U.S. immigration programs and assist to provide appropriate response to all immigration questions and resolve all issues according to required legal requirements.

Maintain and update log for all VISA and maintain knowledge on all status and assist to hire and terminate all employees and supervise all internal processes and manage all visa petitions.

Coordinate with non immigrant employees to provide status for same and manage all work permits and prepare all visa documents and maintain record for all allowances.

Maintain knowledge on all federal and state employment laws and provide changes to same as per requirements and coordinate with various teams to maintain all immigration applications and collaborate with human resource and legal teams to resolve all immigration issues.

Collaborate with staff and boarding teams to recommend appropriate requirements for all visa work within required timeframe and administer delivery of all legal services to all individuals and firms.

Provide an interface for all immigration processes for global mobility team and maintain knowledge of all immigration requirements and coordinate with external firms to design all processes and maintain track of all work visa status and prepare reports for human resources.

Assist all managers and employees with all work visa and permanent residency case information as per requirements and prepare documents for same and design and prepare report metrics for al immigration processes and programs.

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