Mail Carrier Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to deliver respective mail to departments requiring signature as delivery proof.

Support sorting of outgoing and incoming mail.

Ensure to deliver and pick up mail from Post Office facilities of United States as required.

Participate and run errands in housekeeping duties on restricted basis.

Gather out-going mail for apt weighing and stamped by campus post office.

Ensure to sort all incoming US Mail for respective recipients campus locations.

Arrange mail for delivery route, next deliver and lastly pick up campus mails.

Ensure to sort inner-campus and outgoing mail, next meter US Mail pieces utilizing postage meter lift along with carry mail and boxes upto 70 lbs.

Perform to deliver mail along with parcels on foot or vehicle to different offices and institutions.

Gather out-going mail for weighing and stamped by campus post office.

Utilize standard office equipment along with postal services machines.

Execute extensive walking and standing both outside and inside in all variants of weather.

Arrange mails in mail carriers starting early at four in morning for delivery.

Ensure to deliver as well as pick up mail as per prescribed route through travelling either on foot or using mail delivery vehicles.

Gather any postage due or cash scheduled at delivery payments.

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