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Mail Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to receive, sort as well as distribute all outgoing and incoming mail.

Examine every incoming mail for apt labeling and packaging.

Assist in mail management by operating automated equipments.

Maintain and complete reports and logs.

Unload and load vehicles with proper mail packages.

Ensure to properly sort and distribute mail along with office supplies inclusive of interoffice, UPS, USPS and overnight mail.

Ensure to deliver mail and print projects across an organization.

Establish and maintain quality controls to assure accuracy in work.

Conduct different clerical duties like to maintain records, extract, sort, number, batch and file tax returns and associated correspondence.

Ensure to receive, sort and distribute outgoing as well as incoming mail.

Screen forms, documents and letters routed and addressed to different offices.

Ensure to review as well as process all outgoing mail.

Maintain apt documents and logs for reconciliation and tracking purposes.

Perform searches and varied follow up actions for delayed shipments.

Examine file materials to determine prime subject matter and assign apt classification.

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