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Associate Creative Director Responsibilities and Duties

Administer various phases of creative work and ensure efficient workflow for all major accounts for conceptualization and production.

Maintain knowledge on all vendor resources such as designers and flash developers.

Supervise and develop all content and ensure relevance to client requirements and values.

Collaborate with creative team and participate in various conceptualization meetings to develop programs.

Assist to develop various original ideas and ensure effective implementation for same.

Assist all contractors and freelancers in all creative activities.

Monitor all project teams and plan complex projects if required efficiently.

Ensure consistency in all brand identities on various media channels.

Administer all creative programs and ensure delivery of projects within time frame and according to target.

Coordinate with business development and account team and design new business opportunity for same.

Analyze various business targets and develop customer oriented programs for same.

Provide training to junior staff and ensure consistency in all creative work.

Evaluate work creative staff and assist in improvement in performance.

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