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Content Producer Responsibilities and Duties

Collaborate with Managers within Radio and in organization.

Collect and edit audio and record audio in field.

Develop ideas, book guests and synthesize with hosts and deliver compelling public radio style content.

Attend planning meetings.

Handle promos and production needs.

Develop and maintain relationships with community content providers.

Extend technical, editing and production support for contract and radio staff for content production.

Handle overall coverage of assigned stories on platforms throughout day.

Develop breaking news events across multiple platforms by liaising with in-field reporters.

Manage a group of regular contributors to website.

Produce website’s news sections, homepage and add to local franchises.

Develop original articles, videos and slideshows, assign stories and curate them from different sources.

Coordinate with senior editors at Local Media’s national editorial center in New York to add to national events.

Lead newsroom’s social media strategy.

Handle website on weekends, assigning, editing and writing stories.

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