Content Writer Responsibilities and Duties

Perform ad hoc research to develop and produce new web based and print content.

Function as moderator and administrator for onsite asynchronous message boards and blogs.

Draft email newsletters weekly to produce thousands of dollars in revenues every day.

Add to creative and strategic ideas for online marketing initiatives of EducationDynamics.

Develop content to demonstrate organization’s impact on industry.

Draft and edit assigned editorials, talking points and press releases.

Create and post timely content on organization’s website.

Function as organization’s lead social networker and manage social media presence.

Utilize industry and organizational knowledge to develop ideas and content.

Maintain clips process and determine efficiency and effectiveness methods.

Coordinate with VP, Strategic Communication to create content and style guidelines.

Develop compelling content for various languages, markets, platforms and learners.

Gain understanding of in-house content creation tools and quality standards.

Utilize graphics editing and media creation programs to develop prototypes and storyboards.

Change to new content requirements, digital tools and collaborators.

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