Design Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Participate in design meetings and provide continual input to optimize design and minimize futile work.

Assist in developing Design Delivery Schedule along with client, Project Manager, Design Managers and consultants.

Develop comprehensive scope-of-work and contract document deliverables list for each related discipline.

Negotiate scope-of-work, deliverables and price with consulting firms.

Assist Project Manager in incorporating onto D&C running sheet all internal and external design and cost issues.

Manage distribution and production of project workload within team.

Determine need for use of outside studios or vendors working with Director DCE. .

Collaborate on new design issues and research projects with team.

Ensure projects and finished graphics are accurate and precise.

Manage and maintain record keeping of original artwork files and all projects.

Project prioritization of design, assignment and management to designers.

Lead with effective supervision an experienced design team toward greater creativity.

Evaluate and motivate designers toward continued growth and leading design solutions.

Participate in departmental strategic planning.

Assist technically internal and external customers.

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