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Digital Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Design, develop and test digital subsystems.

Analyze requirements, identify required work and estimate development tasks.

Perform in conjunction with software development team to ensure system meets operational requirements.

Record design and develop product documentation inputs for technical writers.

Involve in digital and software requirements definition.

Plan and oversee digital and software development projects.

Engineer and design digital control boards to meet power amplifier module requirements.

Design and implement software components to meet customer-specific design requirements.

Write interface control documentation.

Generate and review technical product documentation.

Collaborate with other engineers, managers and Product Management teams to develop innovative solutions meeting market needs.

Design, implement and test code from module level through full system integration.

Conduct hands-on bench testing and debugging of digital hardware.

Interact with customers during design reviews and system tests.

Explain special requirements and to resolve technical issues related to vendor-supplied material working with vendors.

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