Executive Editor Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all editorial for web content and magazine and supervise efficient working of all web and production staff and evaluate all performance of editorial staff.

Analyze and recommend strategies to increase web presence for magazine and coordinate with co editors for all special reports.

Assist various departments and perform all non editorial functional such as special events and fundraising and coordinate with publishing and business staff for all editorial processes and prepare all long term strategies for magazine.

Collaborate with management team and participate in all editorial meetings and ensure compliance to all deadlines for all content and coordinate with Group Managing Editor to maintain exceptional quality of all content and ensure compliance to all standards.

Assist Art Director to manage all necessary materials to ensure optimal quality of all materials and participate in all press events in coordination with major publishers.

Perform research in all markets and manage all communication with customers and coordinate with all sales and marketing department to design all products and administer all contracts for authors.

Analyze all profit and loss for magazines and prepare required documents and evaluate all product content according to required guidelines and manage all processes for program components.

Monitor all projects from conceptualization to implementations and ensure compliance to all timeframe and budget and assist to train all employees and perform required appraisals and develop required organizational content.

Collaborate with editorial team and record all receipts for workflow materials and maintain an efficient pool of freelance writers and prepare status reports for all projects and ensure compliance to all budgets.

Provide support to all marketing and sales activities for magazine and evaluate all content for same.

Manage and implement various improvement processes and develop content for all high education programs for various product lines and online products.

Assist to generate all ideas from various sources and manage it across product line and establish all content lineup for various markets and assist to identify all content sources.

Coordinate with writers to develop content for various product lines and design all edit elements to evaluate content and ensure use of same in various markets.

Assist art department to design content for final publication and prepare all content for product lines on weekly and monthly cases and ensure compliance to all editorial standards.

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