GUI Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Understand user and functional requirements and develop GUI components.

Suggest new ideas and concepts for user interface design.

Work with Manager and engineering teams to finalize the designs.

Develop effective designs to ensure easy user navigation and improve user experience.

Maintain expert knowledge on software and technologies used for GUI development.

Test designs and ensure consistency and integrity.

Develop innovative design techniques and document design solutions.

Prepare and submit design status reports to Managers on timely basis.

Analyze and resolve design problems promptly.

Develop test cases for GUI and participate in quality assurance activities.

Notify Manager on any delays and complex issues.

Provide guidance to colleagues as needed.

Plan and complete assigned work timely and accurately.

Determine the need of new software or upgrades and report the same to Manager.

Stay abreast with latest developments in computer design software and technology.

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