Level Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Construct level prototypes and final-in game levels through Vigil’s game building tools and 3D Studio Max.

Suggest creative ideas for game environments.

Resolve and iterate on game environments to guarantee great play experience.

Adjust game environments to confirm product’s critical and commercial success.

Visually narrate story through creative and evocative level design and world art.

Draw and create layouts and 3D models through UG NX-4.

Review lead design and Game play test sessions.

Mentor and lead lower classification Designers to guide design and document project and adhere to drawing and performance standards.

Quality tools such as design requirement documents and design guidelines to develop designs.

Execute maps within gameplay systems constraints.

Create gun game experiences and map flow with visuals, story, performance and scale through iteration and rapid prototyping.

Manage scenario maps’ excellence levels by coordinating with Design Director and Lead Game Designer.

Coordinate with Art Leads and Art Director to visually create well planned and constructed maps.

Execute gameplay missions and scripted events under Lead Level Designer’s guidance and coordinate with systems designers and gameplay programmers.

Break down tasks and estimate time to Project Management.

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