Mac Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Adapt to complying with set production workflow and conform to precise procedures.

Develop error-free mechanical files utilizing Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software programs.

Comply with instructions and adapt quickly as project modifies in given direction.

Review entire job instructions in written as well as verbal and put across questions when required for successful project completion.

Review and QC finished work previous to releasing project to subsequent department.

Convey inaccuracies and recommend apt workflow.

Develop and print electronic files to different printing devices and proofing.

Ensure to navigate software of content management for retrieval, reference images and archived files.

Attain work overtime and scheduled deadlines.

Maintain and manage good housekeeping methods and cleanup on computer workstation along with work place environment.

Implement page builds along with alterations to best of ability and conforming to direction.

Attain strong layout skills essential for page composition along with taking suggestions and supervision from others.

Utilize automated page build software as directed.

Conduct quality control and develop file release for printing.

Maintain professional relations and appearance with all clients contacts off and on site.

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