Toy Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with children as well as adults to identify different toys to be developed to attain marketplace need.

Develop new toy prototype either through preparing physical model utilizing computer graphic program or drawing concept to explain potential manufacturers.

Interact with manufacturers to market new toy idea or concept.

Research toy related patents, copyrights and legal issues pertinent to protecting invention.

Develop cost analysis plus expected sales figures for toy.

Present prepared financial details to different companies as well as manufacturers.

Research competition, consumers and target internal business landscape for identifying trends and insights.

Evaluate entire research to know needs plus frameworks to provide design strategy foundation.

Prepare strategic imperatives as well as design principles to differentiate target’s experience and guide design strategy.

Provide clear and precise direction for entire product development.

Execute design solutions for all seasonal deliveries of brand product to achieve design plus brand strategy for precise business opportunity.

Lead actively to create and present design strategy along with concepts to merchants, internal design teams and prime business partners.

Incorporate feedback and input into design strategy along with design solutions to satisfy consumer plus business needs.

Collaborate with Sourcing and Technical Development teams to develop comprehensive solutions to ensure quality, manufacturability and cost viability.

Coordinate function and look of product lines.

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