User Interface Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Lead and direct UI team of user experience designers, UI software engineers and graphic designers.

Design portal-style UI framework, modular and it’s API interfaces.

Design intuitive look, innovative plus feel of next-generation UI.

Collaborate with clients, product management as well as UI team.

Design entire technical architecture of UI portal framework along with pluggable modules.

Perform closely with customers, product management, graphic designers plus usability experts to present compelling user experience.

Ensure to advocate for user-centric research.

Design to wide organization using strategic relationships, presentations and influence.

Head development inclusive to agile team to execute key User Interface aspects.

Collect requirements for user interface research.

Recommend processes, services, software and other tools to support business objectives pertinent to user interfaces as well as infrastructure technologies.

Ensure to understand needs as well as disparate technologies existing in use through engage platform plus drive towards convergence.

Ensure to guide process and technology adoption to assure apt QA testing of User Interfaces application.

Contribute to enhance design process.

Plan and execute usability evaluation along with testing across UI development stages.

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