Group Account Director Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Plan, coordinate and manage the daily operations of assigned groups to achieve outlined goals.

Build strong relationship with customers and identify new business opportunities.

Respond to customer enquiries and concerns promptly and professionally.

Recommend innovative business solutions and ideas to customers.

Stay abreast on market trends and competitors and accordingly propose business changes for revenue growth.

Understand customer requirements and develop project plan, budget and timelines.

Oversee customer billings and payments accurately.

Monitor workflow to ensure project delivery within deadlines and budget.

Ensure that project deliverables meet quality standards and customer requirements.

Motivate and encourage staffs to achieve account goals.

Develop project proposals and make business presentations to customers.

Evaluate performance of each staff and provide appropriate feedback.

Assist in hiring and training new candidates.

Oversee business risk assessment and mitigation activities.

Develop initiatives for customer development and retention.

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