Ward Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to health care staff and ensure appropriate maintenance of patience care unit.

Administer efficient communication network and manage flow of traffic.

Provide assistance to all nurses and ensure appropriate cleanliness of all units.

Maintain and update patient database on computers and notify nursing staff on all diagnosis.

Coordinate with various departments and ensure proper services and supplies of unit.

Provide assistance to nurses and guide patients in and out of unit.

Provide appropriate education facilities to all hospital procedures.

Prepare and update patient charts with ancillary reports and forms from various departments.

Maintain discharge summary reports for all patients and maintain records of all patients.

Monitor inventory of supplies and equipment and assist to manage all requisition slops for same.

Administer medical records for all physicians and medical staff and maintain records of attendance.

Maintain records of doctor charts and maintain stethoscopes for all rounds.

Prepare records of patient card and provide regular updates on same on an everyday basis.

Monitor all emergency calls and evacuate facilities when required.

Evaluate patient charts and ensure compliance safety policies and procedures.

Ensure compliance to all safety policies and procedures for hospital staff.

Supervise efficient working of nursing staff and perform require functions.

Coordinate with chairperson and vice president on all policy matters.

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