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Cart Attendant Responsibilities and Duties

Manage various carts and assist guests with hand baskets.

Maintain neat and clean carts and ensure appropriate working for same.

Administer carts and identify defects and check all wheels for malfucntions.

Perform regular maintenance of restrooms from inside as well as outside every hour.

Monitor all spills on sidewalks and floors and clean it as soon as possible.

Ensure neat and clean parking lot and eliminate all litter.

Manage mini assistance centers, remove trash and ensure paper towels for guests.

Greet and assist all guests coming to hotel.

Assist guests to carry heavy objects.

Coordinate with team and ensure appropriate stocks of bags and supplies.

Administer chemicals and clean tools and supplies with appropriate chemical.

Coordinate with guests and provide personalize service.

Maintain attendance for regular table turnout.

Hire executives and provide efficient services.

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