Greeter Responsibilities and Duties

Greet all customers pleasantly and with courtesy, provide visitors with all directions and provide all information regarding promotions and provide with catalog if required.

Maintain and perform all housekeeping duties and ensure optimal standard for same and adhere to all control procedures and security policies.

Manage all communication with customers and escalate complex issues to manager, ensure a safe working area for all colleagues and customers and assist all customers in finding appropriate merchandise and enhance satisfaction levels.

Greet all customers with hand outs for sales information and maintain neat and clean work area at all times.

Provide optimal level of customer services and maintain professionalism to resolve all customer issues and provide all information on products, service plans and promotions.

Administer all customer contracts for warranties and ensure accuracy in all completed orders and accept all payment.

Manage various customers and greet everyone politely, administer all inquiries and assist in any special request of guests.

Coordinate with service agents and drivers and ensure efficient supply of vehicles for customers and assist all customers with maps and directions as per requirement.

Collaborate with customers and assist in various questions to reduce number of counter visits and manage all communication customers to ensure authenticity of all information.

Provide exceptional customer services at all times and maintain courtesy and professional at all times.

Analyze customer requirement and assist customer to appropriate department and ensure availability of all resources.

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