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Resident Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all resident files for renewals and resident retention programs and coordinate with staff to inspect all leasing team activities.

Coordinate with property managers to complete and verify all paperwork and manage all processes for residents and ensure compliance to timeframe.

Oversee all lease and operations for office and provide required training to all staff members and evaluate all application tracking log and maintain accuracy in all details.

Supervise all housing program for women and provide training in development of all life cycles and assist to maintain all relationships.

Administer all resident activities and resolve all issues and participate in all off site meetings for facility and provide training to all personnel and ensure stability in all processes.

Oversee all resident movement of assign area and provide orientation to all new residents to facility.

Schedule all resident headcount on periodic basis and prepare required reports and inspect all sleeping quarters for staff.

Prepare reports for all resident and associate accidents and perform regular crisis intervention and assist to provide transportation to all residents for all out of facility appointments.

Monitor all security cameras and administer everyday activities and ensure compliance to all rules and regulations.

Supervise all resident visits and maintain records of all correspondences.

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