HR Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Manage all sensitive issues and perform investigation on all such cases and provide prompt response to same and maintain knowledge on all trends and developments for human resource teams.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with senior management and update knowledge on all legal developments and perform research on various comprehensive development programs.

Plan and execute all organizational development activities and perform research for all comprehensive human resource strategies and programs to achieve all business objectives and provide training to all HR personnel.

Perform regular investigation on various issues and ensure compliance to all company policies and federal regulations and maintain uniformity in all applications for human resource activities and manage communication for same.

Administer all human resource activities and ensure compliance to all EEO guidelines and provide support to all development and maintenance activities and provide efficient response to all human resource policies and procedures.

Maintain knowledge and provide employees with all information on company benefit programs and recommend enhancements if required to all human resource policies and procedures and manage recognition programs for all customer groups.

Perform exit interviews and surveys and ensure satisfaction of all employees with company policies and benefit programs and assist all managers to prepare designs for all restructures and provide HR support to all employees in various cities as well.

Assist management team on all employment and labor laws and interpret all applications for all resources and collaborate with district managers and operations to design and implement all programs to achieve all business objectives.

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