Human Resources Administrative Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

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Provide administrative support to all staff managers and perform all complex duties and analyze all data and prepare required reports and maintain efficient contacts with all company personnel to obtain required information.

Administer all office functions and perform all data entry jobs efficiently and manage all correspondence with help of all letters and policies and maintain records for all department operations and information.

Monitor all requests through phone calls and design an efficient schedule for all meeting and training programs with Human Resources Managers and evaluate all incoming documents to ensure compliance to all department standards.

Manage all office equipments and order all office supplies as per requirement and perform audit on all incoming docuements and ensure all codes according to guidelines and perform investigations on all data.

Manage all incoming calls al transfer same to appropriate department as per requirement and deliver messages in absence of concerned person and respond to all queries for organization.

Evaluate all employee records for company and ensure compliance to all guidelines and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction and perform online investigations as per requirement and perform background checks on employees if required.

Perform audits on all HR programs and recommend corrections if required and provide all required information for all new hires and terminations and prepare all documents required.

Assist all staff to complete all required paperwork and maintain all personnel and benefit files and draft documents for all departments and prepare all ad hoc reports to maintain an efficient attendance system.

Maintain knowledge on all policies and procedures for payroll and maintain records of all departmental expenses.

Prepare all employee transactions for new hires and terminations and maintain an efficient order of all office supplies and prepare required reports.

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