Human Resources Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

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Perform research for various new hire training programs and coordinate with benefit vendors to prepare new packages for all employees and prepare reports for same.

Monitor on boarding and off boarding of employees and maintain human resource databases and recommend changes to enhance processes and perform research on all current events and provide update to all information.

Develop and maintain profession relationships with all employment agencies and ensure compliance to all company policies and procedures and prepare required documents and resolve all issues and respond to inquiries.

Gather and analyze all data and perform research on various human resource activities and develop all customized reports for management and prepare monthly reports for all recruitment activities.

Manage multiple projects and program design and analyze all new programs and participate in all surveys and assist to integrate all compensation and acquisitions and maintain all job descriptions for various departments according to federal requirements.

Collaborate with HR team and analyze all compensation programs and maintain integrity in same and administer all evaluation programs and perform competitive survey for all compensation and benefits.

Analyze all compensation and benefit programs and forecast all requirements and modify plans as per requirement and coordinate with HR team to prepare annual budget and manage all wages and benefit and ensure compliance to all policies and deadlines.

Prepare cost estimates for all employees and make adjustments if required and supervise working of all compensation consultants and maintain control on all banner HRIS issues.

Analyze all recruitment activities and prepare reports for same and provide support to all labor markets and perform research on various recruitment sources.

Supervise all announcement placement plans for print media and design all job advertisements for all internal and external websites and provide support to all ad hoc requests and participate in all job fairs.

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