Human Resources Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

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Manage and ensure timely response to all inquiries and ensure compliance to all establish policies and procedures and distribute all documents for presentations and correspondence and maintain records of all filling systems.

Participate in all meetings and conferences and schedule all appointments as per requirement and perform research with help of standard templates and coordinate with HR manager to monitor all on boarding processes and manage all employee paperwork.

Assist internal shared services to maintain all payroll and benefits and perform comparisons for all benefit programs and perform job mapping and coordinate with marketing and HR teams and provide update to all recruitment presentations.

Collaborate with various representatives and participate in all recruitment meetings and assist to perform orientation of all new employees and evaluate all documents.

Maintain knowledge of all legal processes and ensure compliance to all regulations for government reports and ensure adherence to all human resource policies and programs and assist in all recruitment activities.

Manage and update applicant database and maintain track of same and perform all tests on procedures and manage all communication with human resources department and evaluate all documents to ensure accuracy and obtain all approvals.

Manage various activities and ensure compliance to all regulations and ensure achievement of all business objectives according to human resource requirements and execute various strategies for all employee retention.

Design all human resource strategies and monitor all processes for units and provide training to employees and manage all operations for exempt and non exempt position for organization.

Assist to resolve all issues and provide training to all employee relations and ensure appropriate interpretation of all company policies and procedures and ensure compliance to all state and federal laws.

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