Human Resources Advisor Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with human resource director and human resource team and provide support to all development activities and provide support to all line managers and employees for all policies and procedure according to legislations.

Design all concepts and design all final materials for human resource activities and prepare ad hoc reports and provide administrative support to all processes and maintain knowledge of all practices and administer implementation of new programs.

Provide training to all employees as per requirement and maintain all files records and provide updates within required timeframe and screen all resumes and perform all interviews.

Provide technical support to all HR activities and services and collaborate with human resource manage to identify and resolve all issues and implement all HR policies and evaluate policies and procedures to achieve all organization objectives.

Analyze all candidates and identify appropriate candidate to ensure achievement of all business objectives and prepare required work plans and coordinate with departments to administer everyday activities.

Monitor all employee performance and assist to minimize turnovers and reduce all employment litigation and coordinate with functional groups and stake holders and ensure effectiveness of all programs to achieve all objectives.

Participate in annual discussions for workforce and evaluate all market requirements and maintain effectiveness of all programs and implement efficient succession plans and develop training programs to improve team performance.

Assist various clients to identify all issues to achieve business objectives and ensure compliance to all employment laws and manage communication for all employee issues.

Provide training to all employees for company policies to achieve all objectives and recommend appropriate solutions for human resource issues and prepare plans for recruitment and job profiles.

Monitor all worker compensation issues according to all safety programs and prepare reports for all government agencies.

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