Assistant Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise and guide company’s employees to manage human resources productively and efficiently as per company guidelines.

Recruit, train and assign jobs for employees as per individual skill and review employees’ performance periodically.

Provide necessary guidance to company supervisor to operate facility as per existing guidelines.

Monitor company’s security policies and procedures through periodic evaluation and review of security measures to ensure adequate security line up.

Supervise operation of equipment and various gadgets of company and provide periodic and on-demand maintenance to ensure proper working of equipments.

Ensure cash management efficiently through counting, verifying accounts and cash bills along with sales figures to maintain authentic transaction records.

Verify counting, sorting and depositing of cash revenues and prepare all audit documentation procedures.

Administer all forms of money exchanges in addition to cash transaction and ensure adherence to accounting procedures.

Maintain employee attendance log register to assist department for tracking employees’ performance and monitor any violation.

Monitor and perform petty cash fund reconciliation every month to meet accounting standards laid down by company.

Perform all duties of manager in absence or when necessary to ensure routine performance and operation of all activities of company.

Ensure effective implementation of all safety procedures to ensure safe working atmosphere for employees.

Assist management to prepare budgets and keep accounts as per company guidelines and state regulations and accounting standards.

Supervise and coordinate with production, merchandising, cost control and labor departments to optimize company performance through efficient human resource planning.

Assist departments to efficiently handle ledgers, registers and other accounting data in computer aided environment.

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