Human Resource Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Schedule all interview with candidates and coordinate with various teams to prepare an efficient itinerary and screen all candidates for educational qualifications and monitor all temporary employees.

Perform all interviews with candidates and monitor all pre employment processes and design all new hire packets and manage all communication with new employees.

Assist to recruit all employees with help of various non traditional methods and select appropriate candidates and process all payroll according to requirements.

Analyze all application paperwork and submit same to corporate headquarters and coordinate with all local and state departments to recruit all employees and maintain professional relations with all.

Ensure compliance to all company and regulatory policies and prepare reports for same and provide support to HR Manager in all activities and perform exit interviews and provide orientation to new employees.

Collaborate with supervisors to maintain and update an efficient HR database and monitor employee lifecycle and prepare reports for all metrics and assist in project implementation.

Maintain and organize all employee records for HRIS and coordinate with staff to perform all employment activities and provide support to various departments.

Manage all records and perform audit on all human resource reports and verify all data and provide updates as required and assist to achieve all objectives and recommend improvements to processes.

Design and implement all programs for organization and prepare all repots and maintain integrity of all data and prepare and provide update to all databases.

Prepare all job descriptions and perform appraisals as per requirement and provide administrative support to all projects and prepare all communication for all individual employees and maintain healthy environment.

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