Human Resources Business Partner Responsibilities and Duties

Determine all talent management strategies and develop appropriate communication plans and forecast all workforce requirements.

Coordinate with human resource managers and staff for orientation processes and assist management on all activities and provide counseling if required for same and execute all compensation and benefit policies to achieve all business strategies.

Monitor all human resource activities and ensure compliance to all requirements and implement all policies and maintain knowledge of all legal requirements and assist to reduce to legal risks and provide training to staff as per requirement.

Analyze all business strategies and ensure achievement of all objectives and provide assistance to resolve all issues and implement all HR programs for various organizations.

Collaborate with HR team to implement all human capital programs and processes and prepare required strategies and ensure compliance to all requirements and implement all development programs.

Design various activities to increase employee participation in organization and assist all managers to achieve all goals and ensure optimal utilization of all resources on employment issues.

Provide training to all employees to increase competency of all organization and coordinate with recruitment teams to prepare efficient strategies for all staff plans.

Design compensation plans for employees and coordinate with design team and execute all HR business processes and maintain adherence of all employment regulations.

Participate in all planning of annual budgets and prepare required forecasts and monitor efficient working of human resource staff and supervise all tests for employees.

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