Compensation Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and ensure effectiveness of all compensation programs and assist to develop appropriate models and facilitate design of pay levels and annual incentive pay programs and prepare required proposals to all compensation programs.

Perform job interviews and perform analysis on same and define all job requirements and provide required feedback to all managers and analyze all external and internal market data for competitor market.

Manage all compensation programs for market and recommend improvements for all compensation targets and evaluate market data and ensure efficiency and accuracy in data.

Assist executive management in recommended compensation target and ensure compliance to all federal and state regulations and administer all compensation programs and implement various new programs and systems.

Coordinate with management to determine all salary requirements and ensure competency in all compensation requirement and prepare reports for base salary and monitor management system and implement all compensation programs.

Manage and utilize all publish surveys to establish appropriate market rand and prepare all job descriptions for all compensation programs and provide assistance to management and resolve all departmental structure issues.

Collaborate with management and participate in all third party surveys and assist all human resources department in all compensation decisions and ensure optimal utilization of all salary information.

Monitor required market data and develop salary structures for all compensation programs and maintain and update an effective HRIS system and evaluate all changes in same and provide required training to human resources staff.

Perform regular custom surveys on compensation programs and resolve all compensation issues and ensure optimal level of customer services to both internal and external customers.

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