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Compensation Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with client groups on various compensation issues, evaluate all job requirements and analyze all programs and develop all compensation processes and perform annual evaluation ad prepare quantitative models for same.

Develop and maintain relationships with all managers and human resource partners to prepare compensation strategies and implement all compensation plans on global basis and implement all policies and programs.

Develop and organize various compensation surveys and analyze all competitive behavior to prepare all salary information and recommend annual updates to design effective salary structure and perform regular compensation analysis.

Provide consultation to recruiters and line managers and manage all pay issues and provide analytical support, evaluate all job descriptions and ensure accuracy on all classifications for same.

Supervise all variable pay programs and recommend improvements to al compensation specialist and provide modification to hiring pay package and prepare reports for all hiring pay packages.

Oversee annual total compensation review process and manage all communication with all departments and analyze all market requirements and participate in matching processes.

Analyze all compensation policies and procedures in organization and recommend improvements to same to retain personnel and ensure organizational effectiveness of all programs and prepare all reports according to policies and procedures.

Collaborate with compensation and HR team to provide support to implementation of all compensation practices in global offices as well and maintain all communication programs and prepare required presentations and perform research on all compensation and benefit program.

Maintain and update database of all job description according to standard functional areas and maintain and design various tools and templates for HR departments and ensure adherence to FLSA and equal pay.

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