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Human Resources Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Plan all business strategies and implement all Human resource programs and provide required feedback and prepare all human resource strategies and monitor performance of all new programs.

Design and implement all organizational strategies according to all business requirements and participate in all associate meetings, prepare require presentations and facilitate development of new human resource processes.

Monitor performance of all staff and manage all communication with team and assist all employees to resolve all issues according to company policies and maintain compliance to all record keeping procedures.

Collaborate with management team to administer integration of all new employees into organization and ensure compliance to all productivity audit policies and prepare and implement all work according to employee handbook.

Determine efficient hiring system and coordinate with various departments for all payroll functions and manage all programs and assist to design and customize all training programs and workshops and manage talent across staff.

Administer performance of all employees in organization and provide optimal compensation to same to hire top talent in industry and assist to provide renewals for various benefit programs.

Oversee everyday human resource operations for all employees and provide response to all questions and perform all human resources functions efficiently and maintain cost effectiveness in all activities and ensure adherence to all human resources.

Collaborate with director and colleagues for all HR programs and policies and monitor all employee relations and escalate issues for investigations if required and evaluate all decisions and ensure compliance to all federal and state policies and procedures.

Coordinate with supervisors and stakeholders on all human resource policies and procedures and design various training programs and required materials for same.

Supervise working of all employees according to federal and state regulations and ensure efficiency of all processes.

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