Direct Hire Recruiter Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all detail interviews and assist to identify all qualify candidates and prepare debriefs for all candidates.

Assist appropriate candidates as per skill set requirement and coordinate with sales and account management to design all strategies to achieve all hiring objectives and provide an efficient introduction of candidate with client.

Coordinate with clients to maintain knowledge on all job qualification requirements and assist to schedule all interviews with clients and facilitate compensation negotiation for all employers.

Maintain all direct hire account relationship and design new strategies to obtain more candidates from all networks and perform all recruitment in compliance to all legal regulations.

Administer and gather all information for client and maintain an efficient database and assist to promote professional image of candidates to appropriate clients.

Analyze all potential applicants and maintain contact over phone call and maintain record of all applicants and prepare all new job orders.

Prepare tests for all candidates according to required position and maintain knowledge on all state and local government regulations and contract laws.

Evaluate all references for candidates on past work and maintain all request payment for all bonuses and prepare all documents for applicable licensure and ensure adherence to all OSHA requirements.

Review all candidate past performance and maintain documents of any disciplinary actions.

Participate in all job fairs and conventions and develop and maintain professional relationships with all clients and employees and design new areas to recruit all candidates.

Provide assistance to all departments as per requirement.

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