Direct Support Professional Responsibilities and Duties

Manage various complex tasks for various business processes and perform various audits and provide training to all staff members and develop and maintain effective relations with all individuals and provide required support for same.

Supervise efficient working of all individuals and provide personal care to various employees and ensure compliance to all objectives as per service plan and coordinate with treatment team and ensure compliance to all corporate standards.

Evaluate implementation of all service plans and collaborate with various teams for all household activities and manage transportation of individuals and make required appointments.

Manage all service notes and prepare required documents according to all company policy and program standards and prepare required documents to be submitted to program manager within required timeframe and provide feedback for all services.

Assist to provide all emergency services to all customers receiving organization services and provide support to all crisis intervention processes and maintain confidentiality of all programs according to company policy.

Collaborate with supervisor for all clinical activities on monthly basis and provide assistance to all program manger to perform all administrative work as per schedule and maintain resource list for same and perform all interviews as per requirement.

Provide support to all individuals and assist in everyday activities and coordinate with program team members to implement Individual Service plans effectively and recommend modification if required and facilitate all community activities.

Perform all household chores and maintain optimal level of all health and safety standards and maintain records of all medical and dental treatments and provide support to al individuals.

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