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Employee Relations Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement policies, programs and procedures related to Employee Relations.

Develop and administer progressive discipline policy and procedures.

Review and approve employee disciplinary actions.

Develop and interpret personnel policies consistent with HR Director Directions.

Ensure employee handbook reflects current policy.

Record performance and disciplinary issues working with managers and supervisors.

Conduct classes for hotel resort management related to progressive discipline and involuntary separations.

Investigate sexual harassment and other complaints of non-acceptable actions and behaviors.

Conduct other investigations as directed by Director of Human Resources.

Review and approve involuntary terminations consistent with gaming policies and procedures.

Conduct exit interviews for terminated employees.

Provide feedback to HR and departmental management regarding trends revealed in exit interviews.

Provide feedback to Company Recruiters regarding competency level of terminated employees.

Coordinate employee events like Christmas Party, Company Picnic and other related activities.

Participate in legal hearings to provide testimony and monitoring proceedings.

Prepare written materials for documentation and conveying information.

Consult and advise management to ensure compliance with legal and administrative requirements.

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