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Healthcare Recruiter Responsibilities and Duties

Study organization plans and goals and meet managers to discuss needs to develop recruiting requirements.

Make presentations, maintain rapport and offer information and benefits.

Attract applicants through job advertisements, newsgroups and job sites.

Suggest policies and practices, monitor job offers and compensation and emphasize benefits to enhance organization attractiveness.

Achieve human resources mission by hiring appropriately.

Adjust standard bill rates on employee’s competencies, skills level, work experience and education.

Identify and document clients’ professional and clinical complaints.

Identify alternate candidate sources such as cold calling, recruiting calls, referral recruiting and online social networking.

Identify and execute recruiting techniques for industry, market, skills set and region.

Review market condition and ensure candidate inventory population at appropriate levels.

Check for candidate reference to ensure stated skills and experience authenticity.

Analyze client requirements against candidate qualifications and match with client needs suitably.

Negotiate and offer selected-for-hire candidates and obtain recruiting manager’s approval.

Induct new recruits through email account setting up, equipment and supplies distribution and scheduling.

Research and attend job fairs, conferences and recruitment opportunities.

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