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Learning Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate orientation, job content, technology and customer service for area personnel and management.

Collaborate with training vendor and central training area to determine training resource materials.

Manage training schedule for team members.

Train and arrange guest trainers covering technical issues, new products and individual on-the-job training and new hire orientation.

Create reports outlining training needs with suggestions and implications like operations and budget changes.

Determine training programs effectiveness and suggest improvements.

Develop project plan and conduct cost/benefit analysis to suggest on area management.

Adhere to training procedures to determine, deliver and track training programs.

with KP and HR departments to confirm policy and procedural consistency.

Manage area functions knowledge and customer service and quality improvement literature.

Ensure full learning cycle, curriculum design, development, execution and review.

Design and develop industry benchmarks, effort and cost and suggest buy vs. build opportunities.

Determine training delivery methods on classroom, web conferencing and e-learning modalities.

Design customized training programs through instructional design methodology to create successful learning experiences.

Design learning programs for reinforcement and measurement.

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