Human Resource Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Perform orientation for all new employees and recommend improvement processes for all human resource activities and manage all payroll processes and manage communication with all managers and supervisors according to employee policies and procedures.

Hire and perform interview with various human resource employees and perform termination of all employees and provide notices and other documents as per requirement.

Monitor all employee issues and provide resolution for same and prepare strategies for all staff requirements and develop talent and administer all new employee enrollments and prepare change reports for all employees.

Supervise efficient working of staff and provide required human resources support to all activities and perform market survey to analyze and recommend improvements to all compensation programs and design recruitment policies.

Perform site visits in coordination with field staff and provide assistance to staff and human resource director to resolve issues.

Design and monitor all programs and ensure maintenance of all health procedures and assist to identify appropriate programs for staff to achieve all company objectives and maintain knowledge on all competitor compensation programs.

Manage all development issues and provide support to all enterprises and manage all communication between employees and management and prepare all salary and wage programs and prepare required special pay programs for all team members.

Assist to prepare all development plans for organization and ensure efficiency of all HR programs and prepare new employee documents and maintain accuracy of all documents.

Administer all HR activities and maintain professional relationships with managers, supervisors and team members to ensure resolution of all HR issues and evaluate all annual performance of staff.

Provide appropriate customer training for all employees and design various human resource plans and procedures and assist to recruit all temporary employees.

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