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Personnel Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all employees of organization.

Update and maintain record of client’s requirement.

Prepare, direct and coordinate methods pertinent to staff and faculty personnel matters.

Ensure to handle HR-related issues complying with established policies and processes.

Head responsibility to execute entire personnel related activities to manage positive employee relations atmosphere.

Recruit and provide orientation to new team members, convey and administer all compensation plus benefit programs.

Update and maintain all HR records appropriately.

Convey HR policies, methods and related activities along with follow up and respond to Team Member issues.

Maintain active Team Member Communication Center.

Oversee organization’s personnel clerical staff.

Ensure to promote productive administrative functions.

Provide employees with suitable training pertinent to legal requirements, sales techniques, company products, procedures and policies.

Review and analyze staff performance commensurate to desired results.

Handle all issues and problems associated with organizational personnel.

Ensure entire contracts and paperwork are completed as well as returned correctly and on time.

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