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Human Resources Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Assist to screen and select appropriate applicants for all non exempt positions and perform orientation for all new employees and administer all case files and evaluate all case.

Monitor and provide answers to all customer queries and ensure optimal level of customer services and ensure compliance policies and procedures and maintain and provide update to all HRIS files and recommend changes to all status.

Provide support to all functional and administrative requirements and coordinate for various selection processes and provide various orientation programs.

Assist management and all team members to understand all policy and compliance issues and manage all claims for unemployment issues and perform exit interviews as per requirement.

Coordinate with supervisors to recommend solutions to improve processes and perform investigations for various issues and coordinate with supervisors and perform timely appraisals.

Provide support to all legal products and perform appropriate functions to ensure safety and compliance to all legal products and provide response to all policies and procedures and resolve all employee issues.

Perform tests on various employees and provide required administrative support and evaluate performance and manage all correspondence of manager and prepare and update all personnel reports and perform audit on same.

Design and facilitate all training programs and assist in providing orientation to all new employees and monitor all changes in policies and procedure and participate in all safety programs and prepare reports for same and maintain understanding of all employees.

Oversee all compensation programs for employees and analyze all job requirements and perform evaluation of all compensation packages and administer benefit programs and manage all communication and resolve all issues.

Collaborate with all supervisors and managers to resolve all performance issues and assist all employee requirements and ensure compliance to all federal and state laws.

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